PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50

PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50
PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50
PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50

PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50
Don't settle for those CHINTZY reproductions. Get an AUTHENTIC VINTAGE ORIGINAL movie poster! CHARLTON HESTON , RODDY McDOWALL and KIM HUNTER in.. (1968) Original 1-sheet / one-sheet movie poster (folded). REGULAR STYLE U S ONE-SHEET. SCREENPLAY BY ROD "TWILIGHT ZONE" SERLING. SOON TO BE IN YOUR RIGHTFUL COLLECTION! THIS IS ONE OF THE. AT THE TIME OF LISTING. No reproductions, reprints or video posters here, just the REEL DEAL! WE ONLY SELL ORIGINAL ONE-SHEETS THAT WERE DESTINED OR USED IN MOVIE THEATERS. This is an original 1-sheet movie poster as used in movie theatres. This is in either good, used condition or brand new depending on whether or not it has been used at all.

A very lightly used, unrestored poster with fresh, saturated colors. In folded posters, the most minimal wear at the folds is acceptable.

Please see description and list of any flaws (below). THESE ARE NOT COMMERCIAL, REPRODUCTIONS, REPRINTS OR VIDEO POSTERS. THESE ARE THE ACTUAL POSTERS THAT WERE USED AT THE THEATER WHEN THE FILMS WERE RELEASED! This authentic one-sheet is one-sided as issued by N.

National Screen Service printed in full color on glossy paper and measures approx. This is folded as issued.

Until the early 1980's or so, posters were sent out to theaters folded... Most are folded into sixths or eigths. NOTE re-release posters are originals too as they were put out in theatres after their initial release date. Again, I do not deal in commercial, reproductions, reprints OR video posters!

Please do not wait until the last minute. POSTER TITLE: " PLANET OF THE APES ". SIZE: 27" x 41" USA 1-Sheet Regular Style. STARS: Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter and James Whitmore. Very Good: Above average condition. Good: Average used condition, may have pinholes or tape in border areas, slight damage to surface on folds. Fair: Possible tape repairs on folds, tears or pieces missing on borders, water stain, more pinholes than usual. Poor: Heavier damage such as surface folds completely worn, bigger water stains, but presentable and usable. This is in Fair to Good condition. I have been dealing in movie memorabilia since 1975 and do have experienced knowlege on the grading system. I have noticed that some dealers differ in their opinions on conditions. Center fold has some seperation. Upper left corner has a tiny piece missing. Upper right corner has a small piece of scotch tape folded over the corner onto the back. Some folds have some minor seperation. N the backside are some pieces of scotch tape that were used for reinforcement. N the backside is some writing which does not bleed through the front.

As usual the image is fine, would display nicely if framed. Based on your ideas of quality, this could be a candidate for restoration or linen-back. Still a nice collectible, regardless.

You will not be disappointed. Please Note You will receive this poster in folded condition. As it should always be printed on the poster in the bottom right-hand corner. Second: In most cases, there should also be an ink stencil of the movie and the NSS # on the back of the poster. If you don't see, at least, one those 2 things, question the authenticity of the poster. Sometimes you wont find these on independent films that werent printed by the NSS. Also, most one sheets made prior to 1990 are sized 27x41; most after this date are 27x. Unless otherwise specified, poster measurements quoted above are approximate to the nearest inch. For example, if we say a poster is 27"x41" its precise measurements may be something like 26 3/4" x 40 7/8". This is quite common for all original movie posters. Just a quick warning for fellow collectors getting into the hobby. Please be aware any one-sheet that is not 27" x 40" or 27" x 41" is more than likely a poster of these types (24x36 is the most common size of reprint).

While some of these may end up being collectible, at this time there is a very limited market for these items. (see pic below and decide for yourself). I regret that I can't offer more for those of you who prefer other paying plans but has my hands tied. PLEASE NOTE: NEW POSTAL RATES. This will be adjusted accordingly as time goes on.

Therefore the following rates may not be correct. With some foreign buyers we are now forced to use. This is not only for your protection but for ours too. From now on all buyers from Italy must pay for. This is NOT ONLY for my protection but your protection as well.

If you do not wish to pay for this. Winner must specify if they want it at time of ordering. We will not be held responsible for uninsured items.

Please don't be, what I call, a BIDIOT! From time to time I will add more RARE, out-of-print titles. You are responsible for his or her actions. All this because one bad egg wanted to try and ruin it for everyone else.

I do apologize to all of you new users who are truly honest. Nor do I give out feedback first. Sorry, but there have been just too many times that I gave a feedback first and never received one. Our Customer Service is built on 4 pillars for you.

We respond to your emails, answer questions, and provide help, usually within 1-24 hours. We offer only ORIGINAL items: NO bootlegs -or- reproductions, etc.

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PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Genuine 1-sheet poster Charlton Heston Rod Serling 68/50